Slides from Grails Plugins session at WJAX 08

Here are the slides of my presentation (in German) “Grails Plug-ins verwenden und selbst entwickeln” last week at W-JAX 08 in Munich.

W-JAX talk accepted: “Grails Plug-ins verwenden und selbst entwickeln”

My proposal for the W-JAX conference has been accepted: “Grails Plug-ins verwenden und selbst entwickeln” (something like “using and developing Grails plugins”). It was funny because I received the confirmation from the organizers one day after a friend told me that he had seen it on the conference’s web site (it was for a few weeks).

My original idea was to present ALL the plugins available on Grails’ plugin page. It would already have been difficult at the time I’ve submitted my proposal as ~60 plugins were available. Today, I’ve counted again: 90 plugins! I’ll have to make some hard choices and won’t definitely have time to present all.

ClamAV Grails plugin

Finally I’ve released my first Grails plugin: ClamAV Grails plugin. It allows to easily use the Open Source antivirus ClamAV from Grails through a service and a validator.

The freeOfVirus validator can be used like any other constraints:

class Foo
  byte[] myBinaryData
  static constraints = {
    myBinaryData(freeOfVirus: true)

Simple, isn’t it?