HtmlUnit 2.8 released

Nearly 6 months after release 2.7, HtmlUnit-2.8 is finally ready.

This release comes later as originally planned as we wanted to avoid as most as possible any side effect of the large internal changes. I’m now quite confident that we have reached a really good status.

Here is an extract of the change log:

  • single thread for background JS execution
  • migration to HttpClient 4
  • initial support for FF3.6 simulation
  • support for SOCKS proxy
  • initial support for Google AppEngine
  • support for large (binary) download


The support for Google AppEngine which is based on contributions from Google’s GWT team is exciting as it will open the door to new usage of HtmlUnit.

The number of HtmlUnit users continuously grows and, as the consequence, so does the number of reported issues and feature wishes. We will try to address it in next release.