Should HtmlUnit move to Apache Foundation?

Should HtmlUnit move to Apache Foundation? (the first step would be to make a proposal for the Apache Incubator)

Nothing is decided, we’re just thinking loud and are interested to hear what our users think of this idea. I’ve started the discussion in HtmlUnit user mailing list but comments are welcome here too.

TheServerSide Java Symposium: “HtmlUnit: An Efficient Approach to Testing Web Applications”


I will present “HtmlUnit: An Efficient Approach to Testing Web Applications” together with Daniel Gredler at TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas (March, 18).

This will be funny because I work together with Daniel in the HtmlUnit project since a few years and I’ve never met him until now.

I think that this will be a great occasion to show HtmlUnit’s potential and I hope that we will meet a lot of HtmlUnit users.

Thanks to Tools & Techniques chair Frank Cohen for inviting us.