HtmlUnit 2.4 released

The HtmlUnit project is pleased to announce the availability of the HtmlUnit 2.4 release.
This release brings another round of improvements and bug fixes. This should have been a Christmas relase but a regression found in NekoHtml-1.10 forced us to wait a bit.

Here is an extract of the change log:

  • improved JS support, particularly full support for the AJAX libraries JQuery and MochiKit
  • possibility to use real ActiveX objects (on windows only)
  • minimal applet support
  • support for IE conditional comments



HtmlUnit: full support for MochiKit

Upcoming release 2.4 of HtmlUnit will provide 100% support (1) for the JavaScript library MochiKit (version 1.4.1)!

The library’s own tests are integrated in HtmlUnit’s build and they now all (2) pass, no matter if we simulate Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7. This time, it was not so complicated to reach 100% support: fix a bug in Rhino, implement a dummy support for the filters property on HTML elements when simulating IE, handle detached nodes for offsetParent, and fix a few things in computing CSS properties.

I believe that we’re on the right way and that we’ll soon be able to announce full support for other well known libraries.

(1) I suppose here that the library’s own tests are representative for the library usage.
(2) In fact we run only the tests files that pass in a “real” browser and therefore have to ignore 3 files.