HtmlUnit now works with GWT 1.4!

It is a common misconception about HtmlUnit to think that it doesn’t support AJAX. AJAX per itself (ie XMLHttpRequest) is supported since a long time. What is more tricky is to support all the advanced JavaScript functionalities used by the so-called AJAX libraries. To ensure that HtmlUnit correctly emulates the browsers’ behaviour (currently Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6 & 7) we have integrated the test suites or demo applications of different AJAX libraries in HtmlUnit build and many of them already pass correctly.

GWT 1.4 has been long a source of problems but, as announced by HtmlUnit committer Ahmed Ashour last week, this is now past story: HtmlUnit is now able to work correctly with the example applications of GWT 1.4!

Stay tuned, HtmlUnit 2.0 will be released soon.

NekoHTML released

I’ve just released version of the HTML scanner NekoHTML.

This release fixes the JDK 1.3 compatibility problems that occurred in previous 1.9.6.x releases and introduces experimental features to facilitate handling of malformed HTML code as well as to push new source for immediate parsing. These two features should allow HTMLUnit to fix some of its oldiest bug requests.

ClamAV Grails plugin

Finally I’ve released my first Grails plugin: ClamAV Grails plugin. It allows to easily use the Open Source antivirus ClamAV from Grails through a service and a validator.

The freeOfVirus validator can be used like any other constraints:

class Foo
  byte[] myBinaryData
  static constraints = {
    myBinaryData(freeOfVirus: true)

Simple, isn’t it?