WebTest versus Quick Test Professional: clear advantage for WebTest!

I’ve looked quickly at Mercury’s Quick Test Professional for one year and my impression was that it was a tool with features allowing it to get sold to managers but not for efficient day to day test automation usage.

I’ve discussed recently with a colleague having worked 2 years with QTP and now working since nearly one year with WebTest. I was interested to hear from someone with real QTP experience how the comparison would sound.

He misses 2 QTP features in WebTest:

  • the possibility to combine tests of web applications with test in other Window applications (like a test starting with a host connection and going on in a browser)
  • the possibility to “see” the responses during the test execution which helps beginners

but considers WebTest as really superior to build reliable, easy to maintain tests of web applications mostly because:

  • no time lost for synchronisation configuration during the creation of tests
  • native support for XPath
  • easy to integrate in continuous integration
  • reports provide comprehensive on failed tests
  • easily extendible

This mainly confirms my first appreciation: QTP is a tool for people that don’t test!

Perhaps should we go away from Open Source and change WebTest’s license to sell it, let’s say, just half the price of QTP 😉


1 Comment

  1. Danny said,

    January 24, 2009 at 11:30 am

    MM interesting analysis…

    Its good to see such a detailed and well thought analysis…

    I have used both and its not a simple analogy you present.

    did you also consider the fact that QTP has the smart identifier, not reliant on xpaths….so if something changes in the xpath QTP still finds it.

    I found this a fatal flaw with webtest, but they both have their place.

    You should really do a full analysis if you are going to make such a swift determination.

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